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extended claw click to hear : extended claw

A cat uses its claws only when necessary, mainly for climbing or killing its prey.
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plantar pad digital pad elastic ligament tendon

plantar pad click to hear : plantar pad

Thick cutaneous bulge, elastic and resistant to wear, supporting the metacarpus; the cat uses it to move about and it absorbs shocks.

digital pad click to hear : digital pad

Thick cutaneous bulge, elastic and resistant to wear upon which the toe rests; it contributes to locomotion and absorbs shocks.

elastic ligament click to hear : elastic ligament

Strong and elastic fibrous tissue located on the back of the distal and median phalanges allowing the claw to retract into the sheath.

tendon click to hear : tendon

Fibrous tissue connecting the muscle to the bone; the tendon’s traction causes the claws to extend.