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anatomy of a honeybee click to hear : anatomy of a honeybee

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heart rectum venom sac midgut esophagus crop salivary gland salivary duct pharynx brain dorsal aorta nerve cord Malpighian tubule

heart click to hear : heart

Muscular organ helping blood to circulate.

rectum click to hear : rectum

Terminal end of the intestine preceding the anus.

venom sac click to hear : venom sac

Receptacle joined to the venom gland and containing the poisons it produces.

midgut click to hear : midgut

Portion of the digestive tract behind the crop where food is converted.

esophagus click to hear : esophagus

Canal in the anterior part of the digestive tract; it carries food to the crop.

crop click to hear : crop

Large bulge in the digestive tract located behind the esophagus, used to store honey.

salivary gland click to hear : salivary gland

Organ located in the buccal cavity; it secretes saliva and enables especially the digestion of food.

salivary duct click to hear : salivary duct

Duct joined to the salivary gland carrying saliva to the mouth.

pharynx click to hear : pharynx

Portion of the digestive tract between the mouth and the esophagus.

brain click to hear : brain

Main organ of the nervous system; it is located in the head.

dorsal aorta click to hear : dorsal aorta

Main artery running along the back and connecting to the heart; it allows blood to circulate throughout the body.

nerve cord click to hear : nerve cord

Main element of the nervous system extending throughout the body.

Malpighian tubule click to hear : Malpighian tubule

Fine tube appended to the intestine and helping in the excretion process.