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morphology of a spider click to hear : morphology of a spider

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pedipalp fang cephalothorax abdomen spinneret eye walking leg

pedipalp click to hear : pedipalp

Member similar to a walking leg and having a tactile and prehensile function; a spider has two.

fang click to hear : fang

Curved part below the eyes and attached to the venom gland; it allows the spider to catch its prey to inject it with venom.

cephalothorax click to hear : cephalothorax

Meeting point of the head and the thorax forming the anterior portion of the spider’s body.

abdomen click to hear : abdomen

Posterior portion of the body of a spider containing the main vital organs, including the heart, the intestines and the genital organs.

spinneret click to hear : spinneret

Appendage located near the anus, where the silk glands end; the spider generally has three pairs.

eye click to hear : eye

Organ of vision joined to the brain by a nerve; the spider usually has four pairs of simple eyes.

walking leg click to hear : walking leg

Articulated member supporting the body and allowing the spider to move; a spider usually has eight.