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harp click to hear : harp

Plucked stringed instrument consisting of strings of various lengths attached to a triangular frame.
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pedestal foot pedal sound box soundboard pillar string shoulder neck tuning peg crown

pedestal click to hear : pedestal

The base where the sound box and the pillar meet.

foot click to hear : foot

Each of the pieces on which the harp rests.

pedal click to hear : pedal

Device that raises the string by a semitone or a full tone.

sound box click to hear : sound box

The hollow part of the instrument; it amplifies the sound vibrations produced by the strings.

soundboard click to hear : soundboard

The upper face of the sound box, which receives the vibrations of the strings.

pillar click to hear : pillar

Upright that connects the sound box to the neck; its metal rods join the pedals to the mechanism inside the neck.

string click to hear : string

Made of gut, nylon or metal; its vibrations are transferred to the soundboard.

shoulder click to hear : shoulder

Curved section of the harp’s frame.

neck click to hear : neck

The upper section of the harp; it anchors the tuning pegs and contains a mechanism that changes the pitch of the strings by a semitone.

tuning peg click to hear : tuning peg

Piece of wood or metal that rolls the end of a string to adjust its tension to obtain the exact note.

crown click to hear : crown

The top of the pillar.