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movie set click to hear : movie set

Sets, materials and personnel needed to shoot a movie or a television program.
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dressing room private dressing room costume art director production designer second assistant camera operator diffuser key grip director’s control monitors actors’ seats spotlight makeup artist dresser hair stylist actor actress producer assistant property man assistant director lighting grid set sound recording equipment director’s seat gaffer lighting technician stills photographer boom operator sound engineer continuity person director property man set dresser director of photography

dressing room click to hear : dressing room

Room where the actors change their costumes.

private dressing room click to hear : private dressing room

Room set aside to allow an actor to prepare or rest.

costume click to hear : costume

Clothing worn by an actor to play a given role.

art director click to hear : art director

Person who oversees all of the visual elements: sets, costumes, property, makeup, hair styles, among others.

production designer click to hear : production designer

Person in charge of designing and building sets.

second assistant camera operator click to hear : second assistant camera operator

Person in charge of loading and unloading the camera’s film magazines.

diffuser click to hear : diffuser

Screen used to diffuse light from the spotlights to create the desired image.

key grip click to hear : key grip

Person responsible for the shooting materials and for managing the grip team.

director’s control monitors click to hear : director’s control monitors

Display screen for checking the quality of the film frame.

actors’ seats click to hear : actors’ seats

Chairs used by the actors between scene shootings.

spotlight click to hear : spotlight

Apparatus that projects concentrated high-intensity light beams.

makeup artist click to hear : makeup artist

Person in charge of applying makeup to the actors to improve or alter their appearance.

dresser click to hear : dresser

Person who helps the actors change into costume and is responsible for maintaining and storing costumes.

hair stylist click to hear : hair stylist

Person in charge of the actors’ hair styles.

actor click to hear : actor

Professional artist performing a role.

actress click to hear : actress

Female actor performing a role.

producer click to hear : producer

Person in charge of the financing and administration of a film or television program.

assistant property man click to hear : assistant property man

Person who assists the property man to research and maintain property.

assistant director click to hear : assistant director

Director’s main assistant, in charge of preparing the shoot and ensuring that everything is done in accordance with the director’s instructions.

lighting grid click to hear : lighting grid

Grid used to hold the spotlights.

set click to hear : set

Collective term for the elements that reproduce the setting where the action takes place.

sound recording equipment click to hear : sound recording equipment

Instrument that captures sound and records it on film.

director’s seat click to hear : director’s seat

Chair reserved for the director.

gaffer click to hear : gaffer

Person responsible for lighting and for managing the team of electricians.

lighting technician click to hear : lighting technician

Person in charge of installing lighting equipment.

stills photographer click to hear : stills photographer

Person who takes photographs during the shooting; these may be used for reference purposes from one shot to the next or as promotional material.

boom operator click to hear : boom operator

Person who handles the boom, installs the stationary microphones and supplies the sound film.

sound engineer click to hear : sound engineer

Person responsible for capturing and recording sound and for managing the team of boom operators.

continuity person click to hear : continuity person

Person who records all the technical and artistic details during shooting to ensure continuity.

director click to hear : director

Person in charge of the technical and artistic direction while a movie or a television program is being shot.

property man click to hear : property man

Person responsible for locating and maintaining property.

set dresser click to hear : set dresser

Person in charge of arranging set elements.

director of photography click to hear : director of photography

Person responsible for the technical and artistic quality of the image.