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lunar eclipse click to hear : lunar eclipse

Eclipse during which the Moon enters Earth’s umbra shadow in part or in full.
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Sun Moon’s orbit Earth’s orbit umbra shadow Moon penumbra shadow Earth

Sun click to hear : Sun

Light source eclipsed by Earth.

Moon’s orbit click to hear : Moon’s orbit

Elliptical path of the Moon revolving around Earth under the effect of gravitation.

Earth’s orbit click to hear : Earth’s orbit

Elliptical path of Earth revolving around the Sun under the effect of gravitation.

umbra shadow click to hear : umbra shadow

When the Moon is completely in this region, the Sun’s light no longer reaches it; the eclipse is therefore total.

penumbra shadow click to hear : penumbra shadow

When the Moon enters this region, it slowly ceases to be illuminated by the Sun.

Earth click to hear : Earth

Our planet, by coming between the Sun and the Moon, gives rise to lunar eclipses.