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coats click to hear : coats

Outerwear that is fastened in front; coats are worn over other garments to protect against the cold and inclement weather.
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duffle coat patch pocket toggle fastening frog yoke hood sheepskin jacket

duffle coat click to hear : duffle coat

Hooded casual coat ending at mid-thigh and made of heavy woolen fabric; it is characterized by a yoke and frog closures.

patch pocket click to hear : patch pocket

Pocket of various shapes and sizes, made of a piece of material sewn onto the garment’s outer surface.

toggle fastening click to hear : toggle fastening

Wooden button in the shape of a small log.

frog click to hear : frog

Ornamental loops of braided fabric used to fasten a garment; one serves as the buttonhole and the toggle of the other one passes through it.

yoke click to hear : yoke

Variably shaped piece of fabric at the top of the garment, in front, in back or both; it begins at the shoulders or the waist, depending on the garment.

hood click to hear : hood

Headgear attached at the garment’s neck that can be pulled over the head as protection against cold, rain and snow.

sheepskin jacket click to hear : sheepskin jacket

Three-quarter coat that crosses over in front and has a belt and patch flap pockets; it is usually made of waterproof fabric, leather or suede with a lining and a wide collar made of sheepskin.