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newborn children’s clothing click to hear : newborn children’s clothing

Garments worn by children from birth to about three years of age.
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grow sleepers foot snap-fastening waist screen print crew neck blanket sleepers ribbing vinyl grip sole zipper

grow sleepers click to hear : grow sleepers

Newborn sleepwear shaped like a bag or with feet; the garment can be lengthened in various ways: here, with snap fasteners at the waist.

foot click to hear : foot

Part of the garment covering the foot.

snap-fastening waist click to hear : snap-fastening waist

Each of the snap fasteners sewn around the waist so the garment’s length can be adjusted.

screen print click to hear : screen print

Pattern printed or sewn on the garment to decorate it.

crew neck click to hear : crew neck

Rounded neck fitting close to the wearer’s neck.

blanket sleepers click to hear : blanket sleepers

One-piece long-sleeved nightwear for babies that has legs and feet, a long front zipper and a rear panel, which opens at the waist.

ribbing click to hear : ribbing

Tight elastic knitted strip around the sleeve or the bottom of a garment for tightening, reinforcing and adorning them.

vinyl grip sole click to hear : vinyl grip sole

Outsole whose material or textured surface prevents the foot from slipping.

zipper click to hear : zipper

Closure made up of two lengths of tape edged with teeth that interlock by means of a slide.