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newborn children’s clothing click to hear : newborn children’s clothing

Garments worn by children from birth to about three years of age.
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high-back overalls inside-leg snap-fastening fly top stitching adjustable strap patch pocket bib

high-back overalls click to hear : high-back overalls

Pants extended by a front piece covering the chest and another covering the back, connected with shoulder straps.

inside-leg snap-fastening click to hear : inside-leg snap-fastening

Part along the inner leg of the garment, where snap fasteners make it easier to put the pants on.

fly click to hear : fly

Vertical opening at the middle front of the pants; it closes with buttons or a zipper and is usually covered by the folded edge of the opening.

top stitching click to hear : top stitching

Stitches on the right side of the fabric used to embellish and reinforce the garment.

adjustable strap click to hear : adjustable strap

Strip of adjustable fabric that goes over the shoulder to connect a garment’s front and back.

patch pocket click to hear : patch pocket

Pocket of various shapes and sizes, made of a piece of material sewn onto the garment’s outer surface.

bib click to hear : bib

Upper part of the overalls, covering the chest from the waist up.