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newborn children’s clothing click to hear : newborn children’s clothing

Garments worn by children from birth to about three years of age.
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sleepers raglan sleeve inside-leg snap-fastening snap-fastening front screen print ribbing

sleepers click to hear : sleepers

Infant nightwear that fastens all the way up the front with snap fasteners.

raglan sleeve click to hear : raglan sleeve

Sleeve extending over the shoulder and attached front and back with a slanted seam running from under the armhole to the neck.

inside-leg snap-fastening click to hear : inside-leg snap-fastening

Part along the inner leg of the garment, where snap fasteners make it easier to put the pants on.

snap-fastening front click to hear : snap-fastening front

A line of snap fasteners on the front of a garment.

screen print click to hear : screen print

Pattern printed or sewn on the garment to decorate it.

ribbing click to hear : ribbing

Tight elastic knitted strip around the sleeve or the bottom of a garment for tightening, reinforcing and adorning them.