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newborn children’s clothing click to hear : newborn children’s clothing

Garments worn by children from birth to about three years of age.
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jumpsuit shirt bunting bag bathing wrap decorative braid hood false tuck

jumpsuit click to hear : jumpsuit

Low-cut one-piece sleeveless garment with legs and feet.

shirt click to hear : shirt

Long-sleeved baby shirt used as an under- or overgarment, depending on its weight; its characteristic lap shoulders allow the shirt’s neck to expand when it is being put on.

bunting bag click to hear : bunting bag

Hooded coat with a front zipper; it is sewn closed at the bottom and sometimes has no armholes.

bathing wrap click to hear : bathing wrap

Absorbent piece of fabric with a hood at one corner; it is wrapped around a baby when it comes out of the bath.

decorative braid click to hear : decorative braid

Narrow thick closely woven piece of fabric that edges or adorns a garment.

hood click to hear : hood

Part of the garment that is pulled over the head.

false tuck click to hear : false tuck

Strip of material designed to hide a garment’s seam or decorate its edge.