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Sleeve: part of the garment that covers the arm and varies in shape and length.
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tailored sleeve leg-of-mutton sleeve bishop sleeve batwing sleeve

tailored sleeve click to hear : tailored sleeve

Long sleeve made of two pieces that are cut to follow the shape of a bent arm.

leg-of-mutton sleeve click to hear : leg-of-mutton sleeve

Sleeve that is narrow from the wrist to the elbow and widens from the elbow to the shoulder, where it is gathered.

bishop sleeve click to hear : bishop sleeve

Long sleeve that puffs out because of pleats sewn at the bottom and sometimes at the armhole; it is edged with a narrow strip of fabric or elastic.

batwing sleeve click to hear : batwing sleeve

Sleeve with a large armhole that extends almost to the waist; it narrows gradually toward the wrist.