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film and digital storage click to hear : film and digital storage

Conventional film comes in rolls and sheets; digital cameras store images on memory cards.
film and digital storage image
achat d'image achat d'image

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compact flash memory card sheet film film pack roll film cartridge film film disk still video film disk

compact flash memory card click to hear : compact flash memory card

Rigid card used as a storage medium to record photos taken with digital cameras.

sheet film click to hear : sheet film

Semirigid film made to fit specific applications; it is usually loaded into a view camera.

film pack click to hear : film pack

Small rigid box containing a certain number of sheet films, which are dispensed successively as the camera operates; they are used in Polaroid® cameras.

roll film click to hear : roll film

Band of film with a number of exposures; it is rolled on a spool and used in midsize cameras.

cartridge film click to hear : cartridge film

Small lightproof container that holds a roll of film with a number of exposures, which is loaded into a camera.

film disk click to hear : film disk

Round part surrounded by small rectangular films that is inserted in the rigid camera body.

still video film disk click to hear : still video film disk

Disk used as a storage medium to record photographs taken with digital cameras.