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electric miter saw click to hear : electric miter saw

System composed of a circular saw and guiding device for cutting at a precise angle.
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miter scale dust spout miter latch table handle fence blade guard blade miter lock handle

miter scale click to hear : miter scale

Graduated scale for regulating the blade precisely to the selected cut angle.

dust spout click to hear : dust spout

Sawdust-ejection conduit, to which a collection bag can usually be attached.

miter latch click to hear : miter latch

Device for locking the table and the blade in the desired position.

table click to hear : table

Pivoting circular surface, fitted with a slot for the saw, to which is attached the structure supporting the blade.

handle click to hear : handle

fence click to hear : fence

Perpendicular plate on the surface bracing the piece to be cut.

blade guard click to hear : blade guard

Device covering the blade in order to protect the user’s hands and prevent sawdust from escaping.

blade click to hear : blade

Thin metal disk with teeth; it rotates to cut pieces of metal or wood.

miter lock handle click to hear : miter lock handle

When the miter-latch screw is disengaged, it allows the table to be pivoted to select the cut angle.