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jig saw click to hear : jig saw

Electric portable saw whose blade has an up-and-down motion; it is used for making straight or curved cuts.
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base blade power cord speed selector switch chip cover handle trigger switch lock-on button orbital-action selector

base click to hear : base

The tool’s support plate, which rests on the surface of the piece to be cut. It can be inclined to make beveled cuts.

blade click to hear : blade

It moves up and down but can also move from front to back, which increases the efficiency of the sawing.

power cord click to hear : power cord

Flexible electric wire housing the leads connecting the appliance to the electric circuit.

speed selector switch click to hear : speed selector switch

Device for controlling the rhythm of the blade’s up-and-down motion.

chip cover click to hear : chip cover

Protective cover preventing sawdust and fragments from flying toward the user or toward the cutting line.

handle click to hear : handle

trigger switch click to hear : trigger switch

Connection mechanism for starting or stopping the tool by squeezing with the finger.

lock-on button click to hear : lock-on button

Device locking the switch in position to keep the saw working continuously during long or complex cuts.

orbital-action selector click to hear : orbital-action selector

Mechanism regulating the pendular motion of the blade. A slight or no pendular motion gives a better finish but takes longer.