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electricity tools click to hear : electricity tools

The purpose of the electrical trade is to install, maintain and repair electrical wiring and devices in a place or building.
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receptacle analyzer neon tester high-voltage tester continuity tester voltage tester neon lamp insulated handle insulated blade

receptacle analyzer click to hear : receptacle analyzer

Instrument for detecting any faults in the receptacle, such as grounding problems and crossed or unconnected wires.

neon tester click to hear : neon tester

Instrument used for detecting the presence of an electric current in low-voltage appliances, devices and circuits.

high-voltage tester click to hear : high-voltage tester

Instrument used for detecting an electric current in high-voltage appliances, devices and circuits.

continuity tester click to hear : continuity tester

Instrument for detecting short circuits and open circuits and for testing fuses.

voltage tester click to hear : voltage tester

Screwdriver used for detecting an electric current in appliances, devices and low-voltage circuits.

neon lamp click to hear : neon lamp

Small tube that lights up when the blade is in contact with a live conductor.

insulated handle click to hear : insulated handle

Part for gripping the tool, made from a material that prevents an electric current from passing through it.

insulated blade click to hear : insulated blade