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crude-oil pipeline click to hear : crude-oil pipeline

Continuous underground, aboveground or underwater oil pipeline that can be thousands of kilometers long (the Trans-Siberian pipeline is 6,200 km long).
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derrick offshore well tank farm buffer tank aboveground pipeline central pumping station terminal refinery intermediate booster station pipeline Christmas tree pumping station submarine pipeline production platform

derrick click to hear : derrick

Metal structure erected over an oil well; tools for drilling through rock are raised and lowered through it.

offshore well click to hear : offshore well

Hole dug in the sea floor to extract oil deposits; equipment such as the Christmas tree rests on the seabed.

tank farm click to hear : tank farm

All the facilities (such as tanks and pumps) that store large quantities of crude oil to be sent later to the refinery.

buffer tank click to hear : buffer tank

Large container that stores crude oil temporarily before it is pumped back into the pipeline.

aboveground pipeline click to hear : aboveground pipeline

Oil pipeline that rests on aboveground supports to protect it from frozen ground (e.g., the Alaska pipeline).

central pumping station click to hear : central pumping station

Powerful pumping station that maintains the pressure required to move the oil along the pipeline to the next pumping station.

terminal click to hear : terminal

Facility located at the end of the pipeline that includes equipment such as tanks and pumps; it receives the crude oil before it is refined.

refinery click to hear : refinery

Plant in which crude oil is refined (separated and scrubbed) to obtain a broad range of finished products (including motor fuel and oils).

intermediate booster station click to hear : intermediate booster station

Booster station that reinforces the action of the central station and maintains the flow of oil in the pipeline network.

pipeline click to hear : pipeline

The steel piping that carries oil from one treatment facility to another.

Christmas tree click to hear : Christmas tree

Group of devices at the head of the producing well that regulate the flow of oil being extracted from the deposit.

pumping station click to hear : pumping station

Installation located at regular intervals along the pipeline that is fitted with motorized pumps; it ensures that the oil flows inside the pipeline.

submarine pipeline click to hear : submarine pipeline

Pipeline installed on the seabed that carries oil extracted from an underwater deposit to shore.

production platform click to hear : production platform

Facility used to extract underwater oil deposits; the separation and treatment of hydrocarbons are mainly done here.