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tanks click to hear : tanks

Large covered cylindrical containers that are usually made of steel; liquid or gaseous oil products are stored here between the time they are refined and sold.
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floating-roof tank stairs ground bottom deck drain valve filling inlet thermometer ladder top deck sealing ring shell floating roof manhole

floating-roof tank click to hear : floating-roof tank

Tank whose floating roof rests directly on the surface of the liquid to minimize the evaporation of hydrocarbons; it is used to store the most volatile products.

stairs click to hear : stairs

Structural element giving access to the roof of the tank.

ground click to hear : ground

Wire that connects the tank and its contents to the ground to prevent static electricity from accumulating and avoid the risk of fire.

bottom deck click to hear : bottom deck

Lower part of the roof; it rests directly on the surface of the stored liquid.

drain valve click to hear : drain valve

Device for emptying the liquid from the tank.

filling inlet click to hear : filling inlet

Operation by which a liquid product is introduced into the tank.

thermometer click to hear : thermometer

Device that sets and controls the temperature of the product inside the tank.

ladder click to hear : ladder

Movable device that consists of rungs (crossbars); it is used to climb up and down.

top deck click to hear : top deck

Upper part of the roof; the space between the top and bottom decks is used to contain evaporated hydrocarbons.

sealing ring click to hear : sealing ring

Part that fills the space between the roof and the shell to prevent any hydrocarbons from evaporating and polluting the atmosphere.

shell click to hear : shell

Vertical cylindrical wall of the tank.

floating roof click to hear : floating roof

Metal cover that rests on the surface of the stored liquid; it fluctuates with the level of the fluid and slides vertically inside the shell.

manhole click to hear : manhole

Round opening in the tank that is covered with a plate; workers can pass through it.