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tower mill click to hear : tower mill

The tower mill appeared later than the post mill; it consists of a usually circular, stationary body and a roof that rotates with the help of a fantail.
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stock sail windshaft cap tower floor gallery frame fantail hemlath sailbar sail cloth

stock click to hear : stock

Wooden arm to which the sail frame is attached.

sail click to hear : sail

Wooden structure that is attached to the stock; the force of the wind turns it to drive the rotor.

windshaft click to hear : windshaft

Cylindrical part on which the sails turn; it transmits the movement of the rotor to the windmill machinery.

cap click to hear : cap

Movable upper part of the tower that contains the rotor; it turns to position the sails facing the wind.

tower click to hear : tower

Structure that supports the cap; it houses all the machinery for milling grain.

floor click to hear : floor

Level for accessing the inside of the mill; grain is usually stored at its base.

gallery click to hear : gallery

Passageway used to move around the mill floor.

frame click to hear : frame

All the sailbars forming the outline of the sail.

fantail click to hear : fantail

Orientation device that is attached to the cap, allowing it to rotate to keep the sails in the direction of the wind.

hemlath click to hear : hemlath

Thick wooden sailbar on the side of the frame that keeps the narrower sailbars inside the sail.

sailbar click to hear : sailbar

Elongated piece of wood that forms a sail.

sail cloth click to hear : sail cloth

Cloth attached to a sail that collects wind energy; a large sail cloth is used for weak winds and a small sail cloth for strong winds.