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delicatessen click to hear : delicatessen

Foodstuff made from the meat (usually pork) or offal of various animals; among the many different varieties, some can be consumed as is, some are cooked.
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Canadian bacon American bacon pancetta cooked ham

Canadian bacon click to hear : Canadian bacon

Piece of salted, usually smoked, meat from the pork loin; it goes well with eggs and in dishes such as quiches and omelets.

American bacon click to hear : American bacon

Salted and smoked side pork, cut into thin slices; in North America, it is traditionally served with eggs, for breakfast.

pancetta click to hear : pancetta

Rolled Italian bacon, sometimes spiced; it is an essential ingredient in pasta alla carbonara and also flavors sauces, soups and meat dishes.

cooked ham click to hear : cooked ham

Salt-cured and cooked pork meat, usually served thinly sliced; it is eaten hot or cold, especially in sandwiches, and on croque-monsieurs and canapés.