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fruit vegetables click to hear : fruit vegetables

Fruits of edible plants consumed as vegetables.
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bitter melon zucchini pattypan squash crookneck squash straightneck squash chayote

bitter melon click to hear : bitter melon

Too bitter to be eaten raw, it is an ingredient in various kinds of Asian cooking, such as soups or steamed dishes.

zucchini click to hear : zucchini

Small white-fleshed squash picked before fully ripe; it is an essential ingredient in ratatouille.

pattypan squash click to hear : pattypan squash

When very ripe the flesh turns hard and white; its firm flesh has a flavor similar to the artichoke.

crookneck squash click to hear : crookneck squash

The soft edible rind is covered in small ridges; best if picked very early, it can be eaten raw or cooked.

straightneck squash click to hear : straightneck squash

The result of genetically altering the crookneck squash to eliminate the thin crooked neck; it is eaten raw or cooked.

chayote click to hear : chayote

This squash, grown mainly in tropical countries, is used in Creole cooking; the central stone can be eaten once cooked.