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leaf vegetables click to hear : leaf vegetables

Leaves of edible plants consumed as vegetables.
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radicchio butterhead lettuce iceberg lettuce ornamental kale escarole

radicchio click to hear : radicchio

Red endive native to northern Italy and having a somewhat bitter taste; it is often served with other types of lettuce.

butterhead lettuce click to hear : butterhead lettuce

Formed in a loosely compacted ball, its large soft leaves break off easily; Boston lettuce is a well-known variety of this species.

iceberg lettuce click to hear : iceberg lettuce

The most widely sold lettuce in North America, it was initially covered with ice during transport, hence its name.

ornamental kale click to hear : ornamental kale

Related to the curled kale; its differently colored leaves are added to salads, soups and rice, or used to garnish serving platters.

escarole click to hear : escarole

Its leaves are less bitter than those of the curled endive, to which it is related; it is usually eaten raw, in salads.