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examples of kitchen knives click to hear : examples of kitchen knives

The shape and size of kitchen knives vary depending on their use and the type of food for which they are intended.
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paring knife carving fork filleting knife boning knife ham knife

paring knife click to hear : paring knife

Miniature version of the cook’s knife, it is used to clean, scrape and slice small pieces of food.

carving fork click to hear : carving fork

Fork used to hold a piece of meat in place when it is being cut into portions.

filleting knife click to hear : filleting knife

Knife with a long pointed blade used for separating fish into fillets.

boning knife click to hear : boning knife

Small pointed knife with a tapered blade used to separate the meat from the bones.

ham knife click to hear : ham knife

Knife with a ridged blade used to cut whole cooked ham.