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for grinding and grating click to hear : for grinding and grating

Instruments that can reduce food to fine particles, shavings, powder, purées, etc.
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rotary cheese grater drum handle pusher crank nutmeg grater grater

rotary cheese grater click to hear : rotary cheese grater

Instrument used to grate cheese by scraping it against the teeth of a rotating drum.

drum click to hear : drum

Cylindrical part of the utensil that grates the cheese.

handle click to hear : handle

Part enabling the user to hold the grater and exert pressure on the pusher.

pusher click to hear : pusher

Bent part of the handle that presses the piece of cheese against the drum.

crank click to hear : crank

Angled lever that makes the drum rotate.

nutmeg grater click to hear : nutmeg grater

Small conical grater used to reduce nutmeg seeds to a powder.

grater click to hear : grater

Instrument used to reduce food such as vegetables, cheese and nuts into fine particles or a powder.