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miscellaneous utensils click to hear : miscellaneous utensils

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trussing needle larding needle apple corer snail dish tea ball stoner

trussing needle click to hear : trussing needle

Tool used to thread pieces of string through poultry or to tie a roast.

larding needle click to hear : larding needle

Tool used to insert strips of lard, ham or truffles into cuts of meat.

apple corer click to hear : apple corer

Utensil used to remove the core from apples and pears.

snail dish click to hear : snail dish

Has several indentations for holding snails when they are served.

tea ball click to hear : tea ball

Hollow sphere that holds dried tea leaves during steeping.

stoner click to hear : stoner

Tonglike device used to remove stones from olives and cherries without damaging the flesh.