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luggage click to hear : luggage

Articles such as suitcases, boxes and bags that are used to store and protect items packed for a trip.
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weekender shell lock garment strap interior pocket curtain

weekender click to hear : weekender

Small rectangular piece of hand luggage that is used for short trips.

shell click to hear : shell

Light metal or plastic structure that makes up the suitcase’s two main pieces; they close one on top of the other.

lock click to hear : lock

Device attached to the piece of luggage that is used to lock it.

garment strap click to hear : garment strap

Strips of elastic material attached to the inside of a piece of luggage to keep clothing flat.

interior pocket click to hear : interior pocket

curtain click to hear : curtain

Panel for keeping papers separate from personal effects; it is held by hooks or snap fasteners and sometimes has a pocket.