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other metals click to hear : other metals

These elements are not part of any other category of metal; they are sometimes called posttransition metals.
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polonium bismuth lead thallium tin indium gallium aluminum

polonium click to hear : polonium

Very rare radioactive metal that is used as fuel in nuclear reactors; it emits radiation that is much more powerful than that of uranium.

bismuth click to hear : bismuth

Relatively rare metal that is used especially in alloys and cosmetics and in medicine (treatments for gastric ulcers and diarrhea).

lead click to hear : lead

Heavy toxic metal that is used to prevent corrosion, as a protection against radiation and in accumulator batteries, paint and glass.

thallium click to hear : thallium

Metal that is used especially in infrared detectors and some kinds of glass.

tin click to hear : tin

Metal that is used especially as an anticorrosive for copper and steel and as a component in the preparation of bronze, welding and toothpaste.

indium click to hear : indium

Very rare metal that is used especially in race car engines and electronic devices, and as a coating for glass.

gallium click to hear : gallium

Rare metal that is used especially in high-temperature thermometers, electroluminescent diodes and television screens (the color green).

aluminum click to hear : aluminum

Light metal that is used especially in aeronautics, cars, buildings, electric cables, kitchen utensils and packaging.