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heat transfer click to hear : heat transfer

Heat transfer occurs in three ways that are related to molecular movement: conduction, convection and radiation.
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liquid convection current flame vapor solid radiation convection conduction

liquid click to hear : liquid

Matter having a definite mass and volume but no shape; its atoms are relatively mobile in relation to each other.

convection current click to hear : convection current

Movement of fluid caused by a difference in density, which transfers heat. The heated water rises and is replaced by the cooler water from the surface.

flame click to hear : flame

Incandescent gas resulting from the combustion of a mixture of gas and air; it produces heat and light.

vapor click to hear : vapor

Gaseous state of water above its boiling point (water boils and is converted to vapor at 100°C).

solid click to hear : solid

Rigid body possessing mass, volume and a definite form; its atoms are linked to each other and are almost completely at rest.

radiation click to hear : radiation

Heat generation in the form of electromagnetic waves emitted by a heated body (solid, liquid or gas).

convection click to hear : convection

Heat generation in a fluid that is caused by a variation in temperature resulting from the movement of molecules. Here, the heated water expands, rises and releases its heat to the surrounding air.

conduction click to hear : conduction

Heat generation in a body (usually a solid) or between two bodies in contact; the molecules vibrate but no matter moves.