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ambulance click to hear : ambulance

Vehicle designed to transport the sick and injured to hospital and to administer first aid.
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strobe light halogen light scene light oxygen cylinder bracket air conditioning system rear door handle drug storage first aid supplies bench ambulance attendant’s seat portable oxygen cylinder manometer aspirator taillights rear step stretcher camera backboard storage

strobe light click to hear : strobe light

Emergency light that emits a succession of brief flashes.

halogen light click to hear : halogen light

High-intensity emergency light.

scene light click to hear : scene light

Spotlight that illuminates the rear of the vehicle during an operation.

oxygen cylinder bracket click to hear : oxygen cylinder bracket

Base supporting the oxygen cylinder.

air conditioning system click to hear : air conditioning system

System that regulates the temperature and purifies the air inside the vehicle.

rear door click to hear : rear door

handle click to hear : handle

drug storage click to hear : drug storage

Cabinet for storing the medications used most frequently (adrenaline, insulin).

first aid supplies click to hear : first aid supplies

Cabinet for storing emergency response materials used by ambulance attendants (bandages, compresses, syringes).

bench click to hear : bench

Seat used by the ambulance attendant, a patient or a person accompanying the patient.

ambulance attendant’s seat click to hear : ambulance attendant’s seat

portable oxygen cylinder click to hear : portable oxygen cylinder

An easy-to-carry cylinder filled with compressed oxygen.

manometer click to hear : manometer

Instrument for measuring oxygen pressure inside the cylinder.

aspirator click to hear : aspirator

Device used to extract a liquid or a gas from one of the patient’s orifices.

taillights click to hear : taillights

Set of regulation lighting devices placed at the rear of a vehicle and used for signaling.

rear step click to hear : rear step

Platform at the back of the ambulance that is used to climb in and out.

stretcher click to hear : stretcher

Folding bed on casters that is used to transport the sick and the injured.

camera click to hear : camera

Device that allows the driver to see behind the vehicle.

backboard storage click to hear : backboard storage

Backboard: device used to immobilize a patient suspected of having a spinal injury.