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frigate click to hear : frigate

Warship used for antiaircraft, antisubmarine and antiship operations.
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ship’s motor boat diesel engines sea-to-sea missile surface-to-subsurface missile hull sonar decoy launcher turret air search radar surface surveillance radar target detection radar surveillance radar missile stowage officers’ quarters shaft propellers helicopter flight deck helicopter helicopter hangar antimissile self-defense antiaircraft missile VHF antenna

ship’s motor boat click to hear : ship’s motor boat

Small high-speed watercraft.

diesel engines click to hear : diesel engines

Combustion engines in which air is compressed to the point that its heat ignites the fuel.

sea-to-sea missile click to hear : sea-to-sea missile

Missile fired from a ship that targets another ship.

surface-to-subsurface missile click to hear : surface-to-subsurface missile

Missile designed to destroy enemy submarines.

hull sonar click to hear : hull sonar

Ultrasound detection device used to track submarines.

decoy launcher click to hear : decoy launcher

Device that fires objects that imitate missiles in order to draw enemy missile fire.

turret click to hear : turret

Multidirectional device equipped with an antiaircraft cannon.

surface surveillance radar click to hear : surface surveillance radar

Instrument that detects obstacles such as ships and icebergs on the surface of the water.

target detection radar click to hear : target detection radar

Device that detects surface movements near the ship.

surveillance radar click to hear : surveillance radar

Instrument that detects aircraft in the vicinity of the ship; it can guide missiles toward enemy targets.

missile stowage click to hear : missile stowage

Compartment where antiaircraft and surface-to-subsurface missiles are stored.

officers’ quarters click to hear : officers’ quarters

Room where officers rest at night or between shifts.

shaft click to hear : shaft

Device driven by a diesel engine; it transfers rotary movement to the propeller.

propellers click to hear : propellers

The frigate’s propulsion system that is made up of blades arranged around a hub.

helicopter flight deck click to hear : helicopter flight deck

Area designed for helicopter takeoff and landing.

helicopter click to hear : helicopter

Aircraft whose lift agent is a rotor on a vertical axle.

helicopter hangar click to hear : helicopter hangar

Installation used to house helicopters and carry out maintenance on them.

antimissile self-defense click to hear : antimissile self-defense

Launch system for short-range missiles, which are used to destroy missiles from enemy aircraft.

antiaircraft missile click to hear : antiaircraft missile

Missile designed to destroy enemy aircraft.

VHF antenna click to hear : VHF antenna

Antenna that provides a radio link with a coastal station, another ship or an aircraft.