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nuclear submarine click to hear : nuclear submarine

Underwater warship that operates on nuclear energy; it can remain underwater for months without surfacing.
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conning tower sail plane torpedo room firing tube torpedo reactor nuclear boiler room electricity production room main electric motor diving plane engine room upper rudder propeller emergency electric motor turbo-alternator airlock propulsion machinery control room steam generator

conning tower click to hear : conning tower

The submarine’s superstructure, from which the periscopes and antennas emerge.

sail plane click to hear : sail plane

Adjustable fin at the front of the submarine; it is used for diving and surfacing.

torpedo room click to hear : torpedo room

Room that houses the torpedoes and firing tubes.

firing tube click to hear : firing tube

Chamber that houses the torpedoes for firing.

torpedo click to hear : torpedo

Self-propelled weapon containing an explosive charge that is designed to attack enemy ships and submarines.

reactor click to hear : reactor

Device in which nuclear fission is produced; this releases the heat required to evaporate the water in the steam generator.

nuclear boiler room click to hear : nuclear boiler room

Room that houses the reactor.

electricity production room click to hear : electricity production room

Room where the instruments that produce electricity are housed.

main electric motor click to hear : main electric motor

Engine that drives the propeller; the turbo-alternator supplies it with electricity.

diving plane click to hear : diving plane

Adjustable rudder at the stern that allows the submarine to dive and surface.

engine room click to hear : engine room

Room that houses the electric motors.

upper rudder click to hear : upper rudder

Movable part that allows the submarine to stay on course and turn right and left.

propeller click to hear : propeller

Device with blades that is connected to a propeller shaft; its movement generates the propulsion needed to drive the submarine.

emergency electric motor click to hear : emergency electric motor

Motor that replaces the main motor in the event of a breakdown.

turbo-alternator click to hear : turbo-alternator

Device that uses steam to convert the mechanical force generated by the rotation of the turbine into electricity.

airlock click to hear : airlock

Hatch that serves as a passage between the outside and the aft area of the submarine.

propulsion machinery control room click to hear : propulsion machinery control room

Command station for the engine room.

steam generator click to hear : steam generator

Device in which water is converted into steam using heat from the cooling system; it powers the turbo-alternator.