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types of strokes click to hear : types of strokes

Four basic categories are recognized by the International Amateur Swimming Federation (FINA): the breaststroke, the butterfly, the backstroke and freestyle (the crawl).
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front crawl stroke starting dive breathing out turning wall crawl kick breathing in flip turn

front crawl stroke click to hear : front crawl stroke

Stroke performed on the stomach in which the arms alternate in moving toward the front; it is very fast and is usually used in freestyle races.

starting dive click to hear : starting dive

Dive enabling the swimmer to thrust the body into the water; the swimmer pushes off with the legs, extends the body and enters the water head first.

breathing out click to hear : breathing out

Expulsion of air; the swimmer breathes out when the face is underwater.

turning wall click to hear : turning wall

Wall that the swimmer must touch before turning around; during the turn, the athlete pushes from the wall with the feet.

crawl kick click to hear : crawl kick

Movement in which the outstretched legs alternate in beating up and down.

breathing in click to hear : breathing in

Action of drawing air into the lungs; to breathe in, the swimmer turns the head slightly, without lifting it.

flip turn click to hear : flip turn

Movement for making a turn: the swimmer curls downward, pivots, then pushes from the wall with the feet.