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cricket player: batsman click to hear : cricket player: batsman

Player who takes position to hit the ball; like all cricketers, this player wears the traditional white or cream white.
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helmet face mask stud cricket shoe pad glove bat

helmet click to hear : helmet

Hard piece of equipment designed to protect the head from the ball’s impact.

face mask click to hear : face mask

Wire mask attached to the helmet to protect the batsman’s face.

stud click to hear : stud

Each of the small spikes attached to the sole to provide traction when batting or running.

cricket shoe click to hear : cricket shoe

Shoe that supports and protects the ankle; its sole is usually fitted with studs.

pad click to hear : pad

Heavily padded piece of equipment that protects the batsman’s legs and knees from the ball’s impact.

glove click to hear : glove

Padded piece of equipment covering the hand and wrist; it is shaped around the fingers and is flexible enough to provide a good grip on the bat.

bat click to hear : bat

Piece formed of a flat section connected to a rubber-covered handle that the batsman uses to hit the ball; its maximum length is 96 cm.