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soccer player click to hear : soccer player

A soccer player is allowed to touch the ball with any part of the body except the arms and hands.
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soccer ball sock shin guard team shirt shorts goalkeeper’s gloves soccer shoe interchangeable studs

soccer ball click to hear : soccer ball

Inflated ball made of leather or synthetic material; its circumference varies between 68 and 70 cm.

sock click to hear : sock

Garment worn over the foot and up to the knee; it completely covers the shin guard.

shin guard click to hear : shin guard

Piece of equipment made up of a hard plastic molding; it protects the soccer player’s legs.

team shirt click to hear : team shirt

Flexible garment covering the upper body; it features the team emblem and the player’s name and number.

shorts click to hear : shorts

Very short pants covering only the top of the thighs.

goalkeeper’s gloves click to hear : goalkeeper’s gloves

Gloves that cover and protect the goalkeeper’s hands and wrists and improve the grip on the ball.

soccer shoe click to hear : soccer shoe

Shoe made of leather, soft rubber or plastic; studs are attached to its sole to provide good traction.

interchangeable studs click to hear : interchangeable studs

Removable studs attached to the sole; they vary in size and can be changed to adapt to the state of the field.