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beach volleyball click to hear : beach volleyball

Sport with two opposing teams of two players who try to ground the ball in the opposing zone by hitting it over a net with their hands.
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beach volleyball court line judge line second referee first referee scorer players’ chairs sand free zone net

beach volleyball click to hear : beach volleyball

Ball with the same dimensions as a volleyball; it is heavier and contains less air mainly to counter the wind.

court click to hear : court

Rectangular surface covered with sand on which a volleyball game is played; the first team to win two sets wins the match.

line judge click to hear : line judge

One of four officials who use a red flag to signal a dead ball, service faults, contact with the antennas, etc.

line click to hear : line

Brightly colored cord secured to the ground to mark off the play area; a rally ends when the ball falls outside the lines of play.

second referee click to hear : second referee

Official who signals net faults or faults committed on the attack line and advises the first referee when required.

first referee click to hear : first referee

Official responsible for applying the rules; this individual follows the game from a raised platform set up at one end of the net.

scorer click to hear : scorer

Official who holds the scorecard and signals stoppages in play.

players’ chairs click to hear : players’ chairs

Rest area for players; a game is played barefoot and players wear a swimsuit or shorts and a shirt.

sand click to hear : sand

Granular substance covering the playing surface; in international competitions, it must be at least 40 cm deep.

free zone click to hear : free zone

Area at least 3 m wide surrounding the court.

net click to hear : net

Loosely stitched divider stretched across the middle of the court; players must hit the ball over it.