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boxer click to hear : boxer

Athlete who practices boxing; boxers are classified into weight categories.
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boxing trunks headgear glove protective cup boxing gloves lace mouthpiece bandage

boxing trunks click to hear : boxing trunks

Shorts coming down to mid-thigh.

headgear click to hear : headgear

Rigid piece of equipment that protects the head especially during training and in Olympic boxing.

glove click to hear : glove

Padded covering for the hand and wrist to dampen the impact of punching.

protective cup click to hear : protective cup

Molded plastic equipment that protects an athlete’s genitals.

boxing gloves click to hear : boxing gloves

The gloves are provided by the organizers before the bout.

lace click to hear : lace

Narrow cord that passes through the glove’s eyelets to tighten it around the hand and wrist.

mouthpiece click to hear : mouthpiece

Protective device for the boxer’s teeth that is placed between the cheeks and teeth during a fight.

bandage click to hear : bandage

Band of soft fabric (gauze) that is wrapped around the hand underneath the glove; it protects the hand against fractures and supports the wrist.