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fencing weapons click to hear : fencing weapons

In the Olympic Games, the foil, the épée and the saber are used by both men and women.
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parts of the weapon guard button blade handle mounting medium forte foible pommel

parts of the weapon click to hear : parts of the weapon

Weapons can be thrusting (touch made with the tip of the blade), cutting (with the blade) or slicing (with the back edge).

guard click to hear : guard

Metal rounded part that protects the armed hand during a match.

button click to hear : button

Bulbous end of the blade; with electric weapons, the button triggers the switch of the electric apparatus when it makes a valid touch.

blade click to hear : blade

Hitting part of the weapon; measuring about 90 cm long, it is made of flexible metal and is thin and tapered.

handle click to hear : handle

Wood, metal or plastic part for holding and wielding the weapon.

mounting click to hear : mounting

Part of the weapon to which the blade is attached.

medium click to hear : medium

Part of the blade between the forte and the foible.

forte click to hear : forte

Thickest part of the blade, near the guard.

foible click to hear : foible

Thinnest part of the blade, up to its end.

pommel click to hear : pommel

Metal knob at the end of the handle to balance the weapon.