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competition area click to hear : competition area

Surface for practicing karate; bouts last a maximum of three minutes.
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karateka arbitration committee timekeeper scorekeeper corner judge referee contest area competitors’ line referee’s line

karateka click to hear : karateka

Athlete who practices karate; some, but not all, organizations classify karatekas by weight.

arbitration committee click to hear : arbitration committee

Group of upper-level officials who especially supervise the bout as it unfolds and check that the referee and the judges perform their duties correctly.

timekeeper click to hear : timekeeper

Official who monitors the duration of the bout.

scorekeeper click to hear : scorekeeper

Official who tracks the karatekas’ points and penalties.

corner judge click to hear : corner judge

One of the four officials who assist the referee, give their opinions especially about the referee’s decisions and judge the actions of the karatekas.

referee click to hear : referee

Official who enforces the rules, directs the bout on the mat, awards the points and gives out warnings and penalties.

contest area click to hear : contest area

Mat with an area of 8 m2 on which the bout takes place; it is surrounded by a safety surface.

competitors’ line click to hear : competitors’ line

Mark designating the karatekas’ position at the start of the bout and after any interruption.

referee’s line click to hear : referee’s line

Mark designating the regulation position of the referee during the bout.