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equestrian sports image

equestrian sports
Sports practiced by a rider on a horse; they include competitions of skill, speed and endurance and team games.

show-jumping image

Competition during which a horse and its rider clear a series of different obstacles on a set course as quickly as possible.

riding image

Sport or recreation that consists of riding a horse; specialized equipment is necessary for steering and controlling the horse.

dressage image

Discipline in which a rider takes a horse through a series of freestyle or school figures, called tests, on a ring especially designed for the purpose.

horse racing: turf image

horse racing: turf
Speed race on a track where jockeys ride horses, usually at a gallop.

horse racing: harness racing image

horse racing: harness racing
Speed race on a track for trotters or standardbred pacers harnessed to sulkies.

polo image

Sport with two opposing teams of four riders who play on a level field; they try to score points through the opponents’ goal by hitting a ball along the ground with a mallet.