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camping equipment click to hear : camping equipment

Range of accessories used when camping to store food, cut wood, etc.
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backpack strap loop front compression strap tightening buckle top flap shoulder strap side compression strap waist belt

backpack click to hear : backpack

Travel or hiking bag that is worn on the back and is used to transport clothing, camping equipment, etc.

strap loop click to hear : strap loop

Buckle through which the strap passes.

front compression strap click to hear : front compression strap

Fabric band connected to the top flap strap and used to fasten the backpack.

tightening buckle click to hear : tightening buckle

Device used to adjust the length of the strap.

top flap click to hear : top flap

Piece of fabric that folds over the opening of the backpack.

shoulder strap click to hear : shoulder strap

Fabric band of variable length that goes over the shoulder so the bag can be carried on the back.

side compression strap click to hear : side compression strap

Fabric band that reduces the size of the bag and keeps the contents in place.

waist belt click to hear : waist belt

Fabric strap that fits snugly around the hips and buckles there; it is designed to distribute the bag’s weight.