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propane or butane accessories click to hear : propane or butane accessories

Complete range of portable appliances that run on liquid or gas fuel and are used to light, cook or heat.
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lantern pump tank leakproof cap pressure regulator burner frame globe

lantern click to hear : lantern

Safe portable light source that can be used both inside and outside a tent.

pump click to hear : pump

Device that increases the air pressure inside the tank so the fuel vaporizes.

tank click to hear : tank

Canister containing the liquid fuel and air that supply the burner.

leakproof cap click to hear : leakproof cap

Stopper for the fuel refill opening; it is threaded to prevent leakage.

pressure regulator click to hear : pressure regulator

Device that controls the pressure of the vaporized fuel and adjusts the light’s brightness.

burner frame click to hear : burner frame

Aluminum housing protecting the burner.

globe click to hear : globe

Translucent or transparent heat-resistant covering that protects the light source and diffuses its light.