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ice hockey player click to hear : ice hockey player

Member of an ice hockey team; players wear a variety of protective equipment to prevent injury caused by falls or body checks.
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protective cup throat protector shoulder pads pads knee pad elbow pads cuff

protective cup click to hear : protective cup

Piece of equipment that consists of rigid molded plastic designed to cover a player’s genital organs.

throat protector click to hear : throat protector

Nylon neck guard that is worn under the shoulder pads to protect the hockey player’s neck and throat.

shoulder pads click to hear : shoulder pads

Padded vest with two hard shells designed to protect the shoulders; they cover the chest and upper back but provide less coverage than the goalkeeper’s chest pad.

pads click to hear : pads

Pieces of equipment that consist of hard molded plastic to protect the hockey player’s legs and knees.

knee pad click to hear : knee pad

Part of the pads that covers the knees.

elbow pads click to hear : elbow pads

Piece of equipment that consists of a hard shell to protect the elbow; it also covers part of the arm and the forearm.

cuff click to hear : cuff

Elastic band that covers the upper part of the forearm; it fastens the elbow pad in place.