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ski resort click to hear : ski resort

Resort area with the facilities required for skiing and snowboarding; it also lodges skiers and snowboarders.
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ice rink chair lift departure area parking T-bar information desk skiers’ lodge village hotel condominium snow-grooming machine gondolas departure area ski school mountain lodge cross-country ski trail

ice rink click to hear : ice rink

Ice surface designed for skating.

chair lift departure area click to hear : chair lift departure area

parking click to hear : parking

Area for cars to park.

T-bar click to hear : T-bar

Mechanical lift that consists of a series of inverted T-shaped bars that hold two people; as the T-bar pulls them, their skis or snowboards slide along the ground.

information desk click to hear : information desk

Kiosk that provides information on a ski resort’s facilities, events and services.

skiers’ lodge click to hear : skiers’ lodge

Multipurpose building providing a variety of services such as cafeteria, lockers, rental and repair shop and ski school.

village click to hear : village

Place in which lodging and ski resort services are concentrated.

hotel click to hear : hotel

Business establishment that lodges people for a fee.

condominium click to hear : condominium

Group of lodgings belonging to separate owners who share the building’s maintenance costs.

snow-grooming machine click to hear : snow-grooming machine

A tracked vehicle used to prepare trails; it packs fresh snow, evens out bumps and replaces snow on uncovered areas.

gondolas departure area click to hear : gondolas departure area

ski school click to hear : ski school

Business that offers skiing or snowboarding lessons to individuals or groups of all levels.

mountain lodge click to hear : mountain lodge

Small, usually wooden dwelling built on the side of a mountain; it sometimes provides direct access to the ski area.

cross-country ski trail click to hear : cross-country ski trail

Trail groomed for cross-country skiing; a sign indicates the level of difficulty by means of a pictogram.