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forklift truck click to hear : forklift truck

Motorized cart for lifting and moving pallets to stack them or load them onto a truck.
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frame crosshead overhead guard mast operating lever hydraulic system engine compartment fork fork arm carriage lifting chain mast

frame click to hear : frame

Forklift truck’s metal structure.

crosshead click to hear : crosshead

Upper pulley of the hydraulic cylinder around which the chain turns to manipulate the carriage.

overhead guard click to hear : overhead guard

Metal framework that protects the operator and the cab against falling goods.

mast operating lever click to hear : mast operating lever

Lever controlled by the operator to move the carriage along the masts.

hydraulic system click to hear : hydraulic system

Device using pressurized fluid to operate the carriage.

engine compartment click to hear : engine compartment

Electric motor or combustion engine that supplies the power to propel the truck and operate the fork.

fork click to hear : fork

Instrument made up of two arms that is inserted into a pallet’s entry to lift it.

fork arm click to hear : fork arm

Part at a right angle that is attached to the carriage and, with its twin, makes up the fork.

carriage click to hear : carriage

Component that supports the fork arms and slides along the masts.

lifting chain click to hear : lifting chain

Chain that lifts and lowers the carriage along the masts.

mast click to hear : mast

Post along which the carriage slides using a hydraulic system.