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forage blower click to hear : forage blower

Farm machine that forces the harvested forage (e.g., grass, wheat and corn) into the silo.
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feed table hopper maneuvering bar fan ensiling tube fan’s tube

feed table click to hear : feed table

Rotating plate that moves the forage into the fan.

hopper click to hear : hopper

Container that holds harvested forage coming from a trailer, truck or ensiling trailer.

maneuvering bar click to hear : maneuvering bar

Rod for adjusting the blower to the desired position.

fan click to hear : fan

Machine that produces airflow to force the forage through the ensiling tube and onto the silo.

ensiling tube click to hear : ensiling tube

Duct through which the forage is blown into the silo.

fan’s tube click to hear : fan’s tube

Duct through which the forage is blown toward the ensiling tube.