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forage harvester click to hear : forage harvester

Device that harvests herbage (such as alfalfa, clover and corn) for feeding livestock.
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pickup cylinder tooth draw bar hitch head power-takeoff shaft tow bar rotating auger spout wagon

pickup cylinder click to hear : pickup cylinder

Rotating unit that gathers the forage, which is then chopped and blown into the wagon.

tooth click to hear : tooth

Curved prong that picks up the forage from the ground.

draw bar hitch head click to hear : draw bar hitch head

Device that secures the forage harvester to the tractor’s towing hitch.

power-takeoff shaft click to hear : power-takeoff shaft

Device that hitches the machine’s shaft to the tractor’s power train to transmit the necessary power to operate it.

tow bar click to hear : tow bar

Metal part consisting of a draw bar hitch head that connects the forage harvester to the tractor.

rotating auger click to hear : rotating auger

Threaded shaft that drives the forage into the mincer and then to the spout.

spout click to hear : spout

Device that forces the chopped forage into the wagon.

wagon click to hear : wagon

Trailer for transporting the harvested forage.