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tractor: front view click to hear : tractor: front view

There are tractors with two or four driving wheels and two or four wheels that change the direction of the tractor.
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tread bar step rim exhaust stack fender cab steering wheel engine compartment front wheel driving wheel headlight counterweight

tread bar click to hear : tread bar

Raised part of the tire tread that improves traction for various usage conditions.

step click to hear : step

Tread or set of treads built into the body for climbing up to or down from the cab.

rim click to hear : rim

Metal circle constituting the wheel’s circumference and upon which the tire is mounted.

exhaust stack click to hear : exhaust stack

Vertical upper part of the conduit that evacuates exhaust gas from the engine.

fender click to hear : fender

Part of the body that covers part of the wheel and serves as a shield from flying mud.

cab click to hear : cab

Compartment from which the operator drives the truck and operates the tools or agricultural machinery.

steering wheel click to hear : steering wheel

Circular instrument used by the operator for steering the guide wheels.

engine compartment click to hear : engine compartment

Device converting the combustion of fuel and air into mechanical energy.

front wheel click to hear : front wheel

Wheel that changes the tractor’s direction; it is usually smaller than the rear wheel.

driving wheel click to hear : driving wheel

Wheel that receives the engine’s power and propels the tractor.

headlight click to hear : headlight

Lamp on the front of the vehicle that illuminates the space in front.

counterweight click to hear : counterweight

Mass that balances and stabilizes the tool hitched to the tractor.