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ship’s anchor click to hear : ship’s anchor

The traditional anchor is made up of a shank with a stock at one end and two arms ending in palms at the other end.
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stock shank bill palm fluke ring hoisting ring gravity band throat crown arm

stock click to hear : stock

Transverse rod perpendicular to the shank; it positions the anchor so that its two arms grip the bottom of the water.

shank click to hear : shank

Long straight rod forming the body of the anchor.

bill click to hear : bill

Tip of the palm.

palm click to hear : palm

Flat pointed part at the end of the arm; it sinks into the bottom of the water to grip it.

fluke click to hear : fluke

Broad part of the palm.

ring click to hear : ring

Heavy ring through the eye at the end of the shank; the anchor’s cable or rope is attached to it.

hoisting ring click to hear : hoisting ring

Small ring at the anchor’s center of gravity; a rope is attached to it, which is pulled to dislodge the anchor from the bottom of the water.

gravity band click to hear : gravity band

Anchor’s center of gravity.

throat click to hear : throat

Point where the arms meet the shank.

crown click to hear : crown

Point at the end of the shank.

arm click to hear : arm

Shank that curves out from the bottom end of the main shank and ends in a palm.