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high focal plane buoy click to hear : high focal plane buoy

Floating beacon whose light is especially high above the surface of the water.
high focal plane buoy image
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waterline ladder tubular structure daymark photovoltaic panel radar reflector light

waterline click to hear : waterline

ladder click to hear : ladder

For accessing the components at the top of the tubular structure.

tubular structure click to hear : tubular structure

Columnar part of the superstructure that supports the day- and nightmarks and keeps them above the water.

daymark click to hear : daymark

Navigation aid that is visible by day only; it displays various colors and signage.

photovoltaic panel click to hear : photovoltaic panel

Device that converts solar energy into electricity to power the light.

radar reflector click to hear : radar reflector

Metal part that reflects ships’ radar signals so they can locate the buoy.

light click to hear : light

Encoded light beam that serves as a navigation aid at night.