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box car click to hear : box car

Car covered with a waterproof casing and having sliding side doors, for transporting cargo that must be protected from the weather and theft.
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sliding channel side ladder sill step telescoping uncoupling rod hand brake winding lever hand brake gear housing end ladder hand brake wheel horizontal end handhold corner cap routing cardboard placard board locking lever door stop

sliding channel click to hear : sliding channel

Groove guiding and supporting the door as it slides open and shut.

side ladder click to hear : side ladder

Ladder on the side of the car for accessing the end ladder.

sill step click to hear : sill step

U-shaped support situated under the car’s frame for reaching the ladder.

telescoping uncoupling rod click to hear : telescoping uncoupling rod

Rod ending in a bent handle for uncoupling the cars.

hand brake winding lever click to hear : hand brake winding lever

Vertical metal shaft, with one end connected by a chain to the hand brake wheel and the wheel house, for setting the hand brake.

hand brake gear housing click to hear : hand brake gear housing

Part covering a chain transmitting the wheel’s turning movement to the hand brake winding lever.

end ladder click to hear : end ladder

Ladder for climbing up and down the car to carry out certain tasks, such as uncoupling the cars and setting the hand brake.

hand brake wheel click to hear : hand brake wheel

Wheel for manually activating the brake.

horizontal end handhold click to hear : horizontal end handhold

Crossbar for holding onto when moving from one side of the car to the other while coupling.

corner cap click to hear : corner cap

Metal part reinforcing and protecting the edges of the car.

routing cardboard click to hear : routing cardboard

Placard for a label listing the car’s contents.

placard board click to hear : placard board

Placard for a label warning of dangerous material.

locking lever click to hear : locking lever

Bar that locks the door and prevents it from sliding.

door stop click to hear : door stop

Part stopping the door when it is closed.